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How No-code and Low-code can transform your organization

Using some no-code/low-code platforms, you can drive positive changes in the software development workflow in your organization. DevOps is also adopting the use of these platforms for increased speed and automation. Looking at no-code/low-code from the perspective of a business owner, it is a very empowering technology that will help you get things done quickly …

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The Developer’s Guide to GitOps

DevOps simplified system management for both gitops and dev teams by introducing infrastructure as code (IaC). This helped define infrastructure, configuration, network, and every other system environment parameter as code. The introduction of IaC made defining all system environments like, Kubernetes manifests, Terraform templates, and modules in a file easy, instead of manually creating your …

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NoCode In a Nutshell

Technological advancement and DevOps are getting adopted so fast that all developers will need to have all hands on deck to satisfy everyone. The introduction of the NoCode concept has alleviated much of the obstruction in DevOps adoption by many enterprises. NoCode has made organizations become DevOps elite and build automated application delivery pipelines to …

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